Antimicrobial Films

Frequently Asked Questions

What is antimicrobial?

Our lamination film is enhanced with a layer of antimicrobial protection that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi.

What should I know about bacteria?

We are surrounded by a multitude of microscopic organisms. One bacterium can reproduce a million times in just one hour. Some bacteria can survive on documents for months. This was specifically developed to effectively control against the growth of unwanted microorganisms on laminated documents.

Who needs antimicrobial protection?

Individuals working in medical and scientific settings, restaurants and food service, schools or other settings are especially concerned about bacteria. In environments such as these, individuals must use extra care to ensure that contamination sources are controlled. This film provides an added line of defense against the growth of unwanted bacteria.

What is an antimicrobial?

Antimicrobials are products that inhibit the growth and reproduction of, bacteria, mold and fungi.

How does it work?

When microorganisms are exposed to the antimicrobial agent, the life cycle processes of the organism are interrupted and the organism’s reproductive capabilities are affected.

Is Biolam™ safe?

Yes it is. Studies have shown  antimicrobial agents to be less toxic than table salt. This product utilizes Silver Ion Technology. It is present in everyday products such as cell phones, touch screens and textiles. It is proven safe to humans, animals and plants. It will inhibit the growth of microorganisms and active bacteria.

How long will the antimicrobial protection last on my laminated document?

Current testing suggests that the active antimicrobial will not wear off with cleaning or use. In fact, under normal conditions, the laminated piece will most likely wear out or become outdated before the active antimicrobial becomes ineffective.

Will Biolam™ protect me from illness?

No it will not. The sole purpose of this film is for protecting the laminated article against  the spread of unwanted bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. The Antimicrobial reduces the likelihood that the bacteria will grow on the laminated surface.

Will an Antimicrobial impact COVID-19 ?

No. The antimicrobial agent does not protect against COVID-19.

What organisms will the Antimicrobial impact?

This antimicrobial has been shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of many common bacteria typically found in food service, hospitals and clinics, dental offices, schools and day care facilities.

Is Antimicrobial film more expensive than standard laminating films?

Yes, the added benefits  are at a higher price. If maintaining a hygienic environment is important, the added costs far outweigh the additional expense.