About Us

Chicago Laminating was established in 1987 for the sole purpose to provide the printing industry with a reliable source for film lamination post press. After establishing itself as the leader in film lamination, the decision was made to offer UV Coating as a natural companion in print finishing. Enhancements of differing products within the lamination and UV coating industry has allowed Chicago Laminating to become the #1 choice of regional printers for their print finishing needs.

To date Chicago Laminating now offers several industries the capability to laminate numerous substrates ranging from 60# litho to ½” rigid acrylic, applying a variety of thermal or pressure sensitive products for varying applications.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest level of product and customer support in the print finishing field. We will utilize the expertise we have available to service our customers in a manner that instills confidence with them. We will understand the urgency of our customers’ requests and act upon them in a expeditious manner. We will establish relationships with our clients that harbor trust and understanding. We will maintain a competitive posture ensuring continued quality and efficiency.