Film Lamination

The application of various types of film to customer supplied printed sheets. Each film type performs a unique function, which are not only aesthetic, but they also provide protection, durability and permanence to the printed sheet.

Ultra Violet Coating

Commonly known as UV Coating, is a liquid coating that is applied to the customers printed sheet to provide gloss and protection. This product is the choice when the client wants gloss and protection, but when permanence is not an issue.

UV Coating can be applied in three different methods:

  1. Overall flood coat – applying coating to the entire surface of the substrate.
  2. Spot coating – typically used in applications such as knock-outs for gluing or windows for imprinting/addressing (i.e. pocket folders, folding cartons, direct mail, etc.).
  3. “Graphic Spot” coating – a process to register coating to actual graphic images.

Pressure Sensitive Lamination

We specialize in the application of all P/S films such as permanent, removable, repositionable, barrier, holographic, metalized, floor graphics, etc. Our expertise in this field enables our customers to stretch their creative limits without hesitation or concern.


Typical operations include, cutting, round cornering, eyeletting / grommetting, drilling, and hand assembly.